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The Munter hitch (some say Italian hitch or Crossing Hitch) is a quite simple, dynamic knot, used to belay a climbing partner.
Werner Munter, a swiss climber and avalanche researcher, was the first who introduced this knot in military climbing instructions in the sixties. Others say it was Franz Ruso, a german climber, just before Werner Munter. Nevertheless, I'm sure, Christopher Columbus, even the Greeks knew this knot.

Nowadays only a few climbers know the HMS - method to belay a partner with the Munter Hitch. There are so many fascinating, beautiful bling-bling belaying devices you can buy in our climbing shops.

As for myself, I'm using several belaying devices, too. But sometimes, especially in alpine climbing, I often prefer the HMS (Halbmastwurfsicherung = belaying method with a half Clove Hitch) and the Munter Hitch.

Some advantages: The Munter Hitch is easy to learn, it works with even wet and icy ropes and it has a breaking force of about 2,5 kn, that is higher than most of the other dynamic belaying devices. You can use the Munter Hitch to belay a leading, a toproping, as well as a following climber.

The Munter Hitch , here it is:

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